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PostSubject: Comput3r Supp0rt   Comput3r Supp0rt Icon_minitimeSun May 24, 2009 7:44 pm

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Logo: Comput3r Supp0rt Techdonkeyslogo

Category: Computer and Internet

Title: Comput3r Supp0rt

URL: http://comput3rsupp0rt.forumotion.com

Main Language: English

Description: We are a group of members who help you with your problems with your computer.

*Note: You must join by application

Founder: Silentflesh
Administrator: (One More Spot Available)
Chat Box Moderator: (Four More Spots)
CS Team: (Ten More Spots)
Coders: (Twenty More Spots)
Preventers: (Twenty More Spots)
Supporters: People who support the site.
Editor: (Ten More Spots)
Forum Inspectors: (Ten More Spots)

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Arrow Site Discussion
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Arrow Virus, Spyware, Malware Removal Guide
Arrow Computer Security

Arrow Safe Search
Arrow Addons Suggestions
Arrow Useful Links
Arrow Arrow Top Ten Links
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Arrow Freewares/Downloads
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Tech Designs
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Other Discussion
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Our users have posted a total of 39 messages

We have 7 registered user

The newest registered user is Xclipse

Useful Links
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Staff Applications
CS Team
Chat Box Moderator
Forum Inspectors

Special Ranks
Comput3r Supp0rt Csmainadministrator
Comput3r Supp0rt Cs_adm10
Comput3r Supp0rt Cs_ban10
Comput3r Supp0rt Cs_cha10
Comput3r Supp0rt Cs_cod10
Comput3r Supp0rt Cs_cst10
Comput3r Supp0rt Cs_edi10
Comput3r Supp0rt Csinspector
Comput3r Supp0rt Cs_pre10
Comput3r Supp0rt Cs_spo10
Comput3r Supp0rt Cs_sup10

Recent Updates
New Forum Board!!!!

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Comput3r Supp0rt
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